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Actress-model-singer Milla Jovovich brightened up
the scene during a pre-show interview (July 31, 1994) at Luna Park,
in West Hollywood. Later that same evening, Milla performed songs from her
debut cd, "The Divine Comedy", to a packed house of skeptical Industry naysayers,
VIPs and a handful of her good friends. Milla melted the cold and jaded hearts of
many critics that night with her warm spirit, soulful vocals and great guitar playing.

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Milla performed her radio friendly single, "The Gentleman Who Fell",
as well as most of the other great selections from her debut compact disc.
A video for the song, "The Gentleman Who Fell" (directed by Lisa Bonet),
has run on Let It Rock World Tour, as well as an alternate version of that same song.
Unfortunately, the music career of Milla Jovovich has been derailed by Radio programers,
but she has made another album, very techno oriented, available via her website.

Official Milla Jovovich website link.

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Milla Jovovich is not only attractive to the eye, but also pleasing to the ear.
Her songs take form in fairytale poetry, as if she were a medieval princess,
held captive against her will in some dragon's lair.  Authentic Russian
acoustic instruments create a soundscape of delicate and ethereal beauty.
Soulful and heartfelt, "The Divine Comedy" is truly an original masterpiece.

Milla - The Divine Comedy, SBK Records.

01. The Alien Song
02. The Gentleman Who Fell
03. It's Your Life
04. Reaching From Nowhere
05. Charlie
06. Ruby Lane
07. Bang Your Head
08. Clock
09. Don't Fade Away
10. You Did It All Before
11. In A Glade

Lyrics by Milla Jovovich.
Executive Producer Don Rubin.
Milla - The Divine Comedy on SBK Records.

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So there you have it. A wonderful time-capsule of a beautiful and talented performer.
You can find these great movies starring Milla Jovovich, at your favorite video store.

1. Dazed And Confused.
2. The Fifth Element (starring Bruce Willis).
3. The Messenger - Joan of Arc (starring Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway).
4. Resident Evil.
5. Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse.

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