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10.31.98   Kiss Psycho Circus concert @ Dodgers Stadium

  What a great night to see a concert.
Any concert.   Let alone, the Hottest Band In The World.
The weather was perfect for an outdoor celebration of bombastic, high decibel
Rock n Roll. About 20 Skylites surrounded
Dodger's Stadium, summoning the
Creatures of the Night. Thousands of fans, wearing their favorite band members'
make-up, scuttled past the 25-foot tall
KISS Inflatables and the 1999 Kiss Prowler,
to gain entrance to the stadium and find their seats. The amplifiers start to hum...

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Four Who Are One took to the stage at 9PM for nearly two hours of the loudest
Kiss ever. But not just loud, loud and clear. The mix was great, with every instrument
cutting through the windless night air like a meat-axe. Excellent job from the front-of-
house sound engineer.

Ace Frehley's guitar solos were clear and precise, note for note. The Spaceman orbited
the stage singing the new cut
"Into The Void" and another classic smoker, "Shock Me".
Peter Criss
pounded the skins with seductive jungle rhythms, filling the night with
primitive, chest-thumping rage. The
Catman's raspy vocals lended a distinctive flavor
to the raucous hits
"Nothin' To Lose" and "Black Diamond" as well as "Beth", their best
selling single. The drum set had a levitating riser, pumping enough fog to cover London!

Kiss Logo - Spaceman Starchild The Demon The Cat

Paul Stanley spent his fair share of time in the spotlights, as well. The Starchild
belted out the hits,
"Firehouse", "I Was Made For Lovin' You", "Psycho Circus", and
"Detroit Rock City". At one point in the show, the epitome of rock machismo high-wired
across the audience to a solo platform, where he fired-off rounds from his
"Love Gun".
Highlights by Paul included "100,000 Years" and, "King of the Nighttime World".

Ringmaster Gene Simmons was not to be outdone. The Demon spat fire, drooled a
maniacal bloodbath, and even flew like a winged lizard or vampire bat, straight-up into
the lighting trusses, to perform
"God of Thunder".   New cut "Within" sounded excellent,
as well as
"Cold Gin", "She" and "Let Me Go, Rock And Roll". Gene sang like he meant it!

Kiss Logo -
Spaceman Starchild The Demon The Cat

It could have been better for me, personally, if Kiss would have featured more
new music. I mean, really, the Kiss Army has waited 18 years-plus for this reunion,
and all we got live were 3 new songs! Where were
"You Wanted The Best",
"We Are One"
and "I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock & Roll". This was supposed
to be the
Psycho Circus Tour, the Greatest Hits Tour was in 1997.  If Kiss would just add
another, let's say, 30 minutes to the show, you could get all the best new stuff in, plus
1 more from
Peter & Ace.

is definitely worth the $55.00, but if it came down to 5 more songs or Big Screen 3-D,
loose the 3-D gimmicks, and let's "Rock And Roll All Nite" not just 1 hour and 59 minutes.

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