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9.21.98 The Kiss Press Conference at Mann's Chinese Theatre was a huge success.
Outside the theatre entrance stood 25' tall blow-up replicas of each band member,
in their Destroyer-era outfits. Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley on stage left, with
Paul Stanley and Peter Criss on stage right. The details of the gigantic blow-ups were
very well done. Gene's dragon-boot-eyes glittered red. Paul, complete with chest hair.
Ace and Peter's blow-ups both looked great, overlooking the 500+ Kiss Army fans.

Kiss ProwlerKiss Prowler

At 6PM we received the Official Kiss Press Kit, containing an 8x10 of the Kiss Car,
a $75,000 1999 Plymouth Prowler Roadster, with Black Crystal paint, black leather
interior and chrome 5-spoke wheels. Complete with matching custom built trailer that
carries all you need for your own Hell On Wheels rock show! Included in the trailer are
(1) Punisher bass, (1) Paul Stanley Washburn guitar, and (1) Ace Frehley Gibson Les Paul.
Of course the amplifiers, wireless mics, mixer, CD player and drum machine are all tucked
in there nicely, as well. The car was given away New Year's Eve 98-99 in Detroit.

Chinese Theatre Kissettes

Shortly after 8PM the band rolled up to the celebrity red carpet laid-out for their
7-inch boot heels. The Kissettes (four scantily clad babes donning Kiss makeup)
d with the band, a wigglin' and a jigglin' for the world's press photographers.
Kiss grimaced, puckered and pointed thumbs-up to the enthusiastic crowd of fans.

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Once inside the theatre, MC's from Fox's Mad TV bantered on about the bands'
Halloween Night concert special on that network. The Kiss 3D video "Psycho Circus"
came next. Incredible. The hottest Kiss video ever produced in the studio, period.
Non-stop action cuts, and killer colors galore.
Ace's guitar takes off into orbit and then
explodes in a guitar war. After the video,
Kiss hit the stage for photo opportunities.

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As the first single, "Psycho Circus" played, the band hammed it up for photographers.
The band seemed at ease with each other, and definitely well within their element.
Gene and Peter played around, goofing on each other, while Ace and Paul managed
stage-left, playing air-guitar to the new single, and generally having a good time!

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Kiss Quotes / Gene Simmons /
"The most important thing that we're doing right here, right now. . .
is that we're throwing down the gauntlet. We're issuing a challenge to every band
that's been coasting for years and years. We want to raise the stakes, yet again.
We want to give you what you deserve, which is no more bands whining about
how miserable their lives are. We're going to bring Fun back to rock and roll.
deserve it".

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Kiss Quotes / Peter Criss /
"We're gonna be the first band to ever do 3-Dimensional.
We're gonna do a 3-D show and it's gonna blow your mind. It's never been done,
so you better really buckle up for the ride of your life. I'm really excited about it,
the guys are (too). It's never been done, and we're always the first" (to do it).

When asked about his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Peter replied, "It's much better,
and I'm gonna kick - ass this year".

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Kiss Quotes / Paul Stanley /
"You're gonna have a really, really great time. You're gonna hear all
the songs you want to hear. You're gonna see Special FX you've never seen before.
But we promise you, this is gonna be a kick-ass Rock-and-Roll show!
Because with 8-inch heels, you better believe we're gonna do some stomping".

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Kiss Quotes / Paul Stanley /
Later, Paul announced the bands alliance with the charity, Feed The Children.
"Whereby every month, we're gonna donate a truckload of food, that's 30,000
pounds of food, to under priviledged children for the next 10 months.
That means that in the next 10 months, we're gonna feed
1 million people.
That's something we're real proud of, too. And we're telling you, not because we
want a pat on the back, but everybody who comes to the show, owes it to themselves
to help out these people . . . Help out the kids".

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Kiss Quotes / Ace Frehley /
"By the way, we have a new website, that's coming out. It's gonna be called If you have a computer and a modem, already hooked up, you
put it (Psycho Circus Enhanced CD) in your CD ROM and it'll actually get you
right online. Without having to really do much, except press a button.
You're gonna be able to take the CD that you can buy, that has the music on it,
and it will also have code on it that will get you hooked up to our Internet Service".
Space Ace concludes, "Try to make it to the show, because if you don't,
you're going to be missing something spectacular. Thank you".

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